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the BEST trackers all in one place

We’re here when you need us. No more searching around on social media, calling trackers late at night or trying to remember which buddy may or may not know who to call. TRAKR is your all-in-one game tracking app.

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Official App Of The
United Blood Trackers

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TRAKR is the official app partner of the United Blood Trackers. UBT is dedicated to promoting resource conservation through the use of trained tracking dogs in the ethical recovery of big game. We are excited to work with the UBT to connect hunters with the best trained tracking dogs in the country.

The following State Tracking Networks strongly encourage hunters to use the TRAKR app.


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Provisional TRAKRS


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Awesome FREE Features

Instant Notifications

No more waiting for call-backs or wondering if a tracker ever received your message. As soon as you submit your tracking request, a push notification instantly alerts every TRAKR in the area of your need for tracking services.

Streamline Your Info

Our detailed tracking request process gathers all the important information to help TRAKRs make the best decisions on when to track.

One Click Communication

Connect & communicate with the hunter right from the app, eliminating the need to write down names and phone numbers.

TRAKR App Screen Example

Ratings & Reviews

See what other hunters have to say about TRAKRS. The last thing you want is someone with a bad reputation or poorly trained dog.

Real Time Mapping

TRAKRs can see all active tracking requests in their region via our location aware mapping software.

High Quality Transfers

Have video of the shot or photos of the blood trail? Submit full resolution, uncompressed videos and photos, giving your TRAKR a clear picture of your situation. You can’t do that with text messages.

TRAKR App Screen Example

Offline Capability

Even if you do not have network access, you can submit a tracking request. As soon as you have enough service to send a text, your TRAKR submission will automatically go through.

Easy to Use

TRAKR app will guide you through the process, step-by-step. It collects all your shot info for easy communication.

Monitor and Manage

Check the status of your TRAKR right in the app. No more waiting for contact.

Stay Connected

Get updated through the app for changes or new info.

Built For Hunters & Trackers, By Hunters & Trackers

We understand what it’s like to get an animal down and need a Tracker. We’ve been there.

  • Download the app ahead of time so you’re prepared just in case.

  • We guide you through the process to make sure everything goes as seamlessly as possible.

  • Save time by sending all your information through the app.

  • See the TRAKR’s detailed info ahead of time so there are no surprises.

  • Protect yourself by checking reviews to see what other hunters have to say.

  • Get the RIGHT information to the RIGHT TRAKR for your situation.

  • Use real time mapping to keep track of progress.

  • Build out your toolbox to make things even faster.

TRAKR App Screen Example
TRAKR App Screen Example

Trackers love TRAKR

TRAKR was built with the dog tracker in mind because our app’s developmental team consists of some of the best trackers around. We streamline communication and collect the important data to make a tracker’s life much easier.

  • Automatic “Proof of Life” notifications are sent to hunters 30 days & 240 days after a non-recovery. No more calling the hunter to ask if the deer has shown back up on camera.

  • Easily check the current status of active tracking jobs in your service area and their proximity to your current location with the Tracking Request Map.

  • Receive instant tracking request notifications for the game animals you provide tracking services for.

  • Display your dedication to being the best tracking team that you can be with a UBT Verified badge (UBT members with a UBT 1 or higher certification).

  • View all the important shot information before you even make that first call to the hunter.

  • Effortlessly keep track of your personal tracking stats with TRAKR HD (coming soon).



The Industry-Leading Trakr App Is Here to Help

The TRAKR app is 100% free for both hunters and trackers use and connect with each other for tracking purposes. Bonus features, such as the ANALYTICS, can be accessed by purchasing an optional, monthly or yearly subscription.

In most cases, Tracker Accounts are approved in a day or two for a "Provisional" account. Once we complete the vetting process and confirm that a tracker is an ideal candidate for TRAKR, then your account will be upgraded to a regular tracker account. The full vetting process can take days or weeks to complete.

We’ve built a rating and review system right inside the app. Before you ever select your TRAKR, you can see who works well with hunters, and who could use some improvement. Gone are the days of blindly selecting a tracker based on which one is first to return your call.

Still have a question? Ask your question here

We’re a team of die-hard hunters & trackers. Not only do we have over 100 years of combined hunting experience, but we all are passionate about making hunters more efficient.

Our Team

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